Our Mission

To lessen the hostility and increase the teamwork between parents.  We acknowledge that each individual is struggling through one of the most painful experiences of their lives.  It is our commitment to honor each circumstance, educate in a non-judgmental way and provide information that will help bridge the gap between two homes.  Children know at a very basic level that they cannot be happy unless their parents are happy.  We want to see joyful children in the world, but this starts with those who care for them. 

Meet the dedicated facilitators behind Cooperative Parenting

Tina Mears

Executive Director & Facilitator

Tina has been a CP group leader for almost ten years, bringing a wonderful sensitivity and competence to her classes. It is her goal to empower parents to become their best selves to achieve the greatest possible happiness for themselves and their children. Tina has spent 15 years working with individuals and families develop healthy parenting practices, get unstuck from problems, maintain personal boundaries, and find inner strength. She knows that through loss, anger and pain positive changes are possible, no matter how desperate everyone feels. Tina continues to carry on the Cooperative Parenting tradition of supporting parents through their moments of sorrow and triumph and restoring a peaceful transition from one home to two.