We offer co-parenting workshops with expert group leaders teaching core approaches and skills necessary to reduce the animosity between parents.

Group dynamics allow for parent support and sharing of ideas, which provides the best possible educational experience. We have multiple workshops throughout the county* each month and use a sliding scale to determine tuition. Parents attend separately.

Raising children in two homes can be a very difficult experience for everyone but we are here to help you navigate this road. You deserve to find balance in your lives and peace in your hearts and your children deserve happy and engaged parents every day.

*Our certificate is accepted by the San Diego Courts.


 Through the group experience you will be able to…

  • Accept greater responsibility
  • Let go of destructive patterns
  • Manage strong negative emotions
  • Detach emotionally from your former partner
  • Practice rational accurate thinking
  • Learn effective communication skills
  • Keep your children out of the middle
  • Take care of yourself and your children
  • Learn from past mistakes

Program Details

Cooperative Parenting, San Diego is a psycho-educational coparenting program considered by many to be the most effective of its kind in San Diego.  It is recommended by many judges, Family Court Counselors, attorneys and therapists and the CP Certificate of Completion is widely accepted, particularly by San Diego Superior Court Judges. 

Our coparenting program consists of three weekly sessions (2.5 hours each week) for a total of 7.5 hours.  A Certificate of Completion is handed to each parent once he or she has completed all three workshops and is paid in full.  It is possible to make up missed classes if necessary.  A parent can begin the program on the second week, but not the last (third), as too much introductory material is missed. 

CP offers a classroom experience with expert group leaders teaching core approaches and skills necessary to reduce the hostility between parents.  Group dynamics also allow for a great deal of parent support and sharing of ideas which provides the best possible educational experience.  95% of our graduates report that they would recommend the class to others like themselves and they often tell us they wish the class was longer because of how much they have benefited.

Since 2000 we have proven to be highly effective in changing the lives of families.